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About Me

Born in Ireland with qualifications in social work and training I have been a Celebrant here in Tropical north Queensland for many years now.  Despite having lived most of my life in Australia, I am told I still have a

Island Weddings

Fitzroy Island (off Cairns) and easily accessible by commercial ferry operators, is a lovely destination for a tropical island wedding. No beach permits are needed for beach weddings and the updated resort allows weddings in their gardens overlooking the sea.

Low Isles (off Port Douglas)

Low Isles island (off Port Douglas) is a gorgeous location for a wedding.  The island is a small coral cay featuring a heritage listed lighthouse.  It has a sheltered lagoon and is home to a breathtaking variety of soft corals,

Renewal of Vows

Whether  married for one year or fifty, renewing your vows is a lovely way to tell your partner that you love them as much, if not more, than the day you first married and to say that you would do

Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies

Bespoke Wedding Ceremony.   What does this mean?  This is a term employed to mean an item custom-made to the buyer’s personalized specification. In the case of a bespoke wedding, the distinguishing points are the high degree of “customization”, and the involvement

Unusual Weddings

Mel and Gary celebrated their 8 year commitment by marrying in full chicken suits.  A somewhat unconventional wedding, but no less commited couple. They wrote a special poem for this occasion, which went along these lines: “Today we are here

The Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

The Four Mile Beach is literally that,  Four miles of beautiful, palm fringed white sand beach, offering many lovely locations for your wedding.  Beach permit fees apply.

Little Cove, Port Douglas

Little Cove offers a private and beautiful setting.  It has a grassy area with a garden setting, fronted by a small  beach overlooking the sparkling sea.  Beach permit fees apply which allow the use of the area for 2 hours.