Your Wedding Ceremony

Every couple is special and unique to me and so the design of each ceremony and script is also unique.  Your ceremony can be as romantic, traditional, contemporary and adventurous as you like. You can draw on traditional and spiritual elements and/or from other cultural customs  – you are limited only by your imagination.

Drawing on your own ideas and with the aid of scripts, selections of readings, poetry, music, and working collaboratively with you, we can create a special ceremony which reflects your personal style, wishes and dreams. I always encourage you to include “your story” to give a special personal touch.

In the most legal form, getting married may take only five minutes and only the Monitum, Exchange of Vows and Signing of the Certificates are legally required.However, most couples prefer a ceremony which more adequately symbolises their relationship and the joy they feel to be joined in marriage.

The more usual length of a marriage ceremony is approximately 15-20 minutes, if a symbolic sub-ceremony is included, then the ceremony would take approximately 25-30 minutes.

The following is a somewhat traditional and typical format, and is offered as a template upon which you may draw:

• Celebrant introduction
• Presentation of the Bride –  the  bride can be presented by father/family or choose to be already present with her groom.
• Welcome to bride and groom.
• A welcome to your guests on your behalf.
• Remembrance/Acknowledgements – to family members who have passed/unable to travel to e present/ parents for their support and love/to the traditional owners of the land
• Introduction – This is also an opportunity to say something about how you both met, your romance, your hopes and dreams for your life together.
• A optional Reading  – poem/reading/music and lyrics which have special meaning to you both reflecting the theme of your love for each other. This can be read by family/friend/Celebrant
• Marriage Address by Celebrant
• Celebrant Authority (Monitum) this is a legal requirement that your Celebrant remind you that you are entering into a legally binding contract to marry in front of witnesses.
• The Asking – The Celebrant formally asks the Bride and Groom if they consent to be married
• Exchange of Vows – this is a legal requirement.  The Bride and Groom separately call upon the people present to witnesses that they take each other as their lawfully wedded husband/wife/spouse
• Sub-ceremony/Ritual – Ring Ceremony and/or other special ceremony, eg hand-fasting, unity candle, sand ceremony  (optional)
• Declaration of Marriage by Celebrant
• Kiss/Embrace (optional)
• Blessing by Celebrant/ Family member/friend – poem/special words/music/lyrics.
• Signing of the Register
• Presentation of married couple